Someart is an artist, living and working in Poznań, Poland. After he graduated from art school, he started his own art adventure. He puts most of his interests on painting, street art and analoque photography. He takes part in many different exhibitions, supports street art education in Poland and helps organizing artistic events for young artists.


Someart's main inspiration is m-theory and multidimensional nature of Universe, this interest is very visible in his works. In one of his series the artist paints mostly animals - beings with wider perception. In artist’s opinion, they see more, they feel what we, as people, are not able to feel.

Some of those animals are captured in the moment of dematerialization, when they leave our four dimension world. The symbol of a space portal is octahedron. Author paints it in many different situations, sometimes it just watches our unreal world from the distance, and sometimes it interferes, creating destruction and fear.

The latest stage of this project shows works created in tribute to nature, which demands a very own place on earth. Artist pays attention to our modern world and dangers, which are part of it.


Other long therm street project are stickers and pasteups, called “Friendly faces”, also known as artist's trade mark.

Project shows human heads, heads of friends, strangers, representatives of different nations, religions and occupations. The main idea behind this project is to show how every single one of us is unique and different. In the eyes of artist every one is a piece of art, that's why there is a small sentence written next to every piece ”I’am some art".

Friendly faces are watching us every day, from every corner.